Saturday, January 24, 2009

I broke. And made a blog.

The title pretty much explains all I've got to say for today.  I was coerced.  (It actually doesn't take much to coerce me to do things, apparently.)  It's ugly right now.  I have it on one of their hideous templates, but I haven't decided what colors I actually want it to be.  I'll make it better soon, I really will.

That was wicked exciting to read, I know.  Sorry.  I'll be more interesting in future posts.  Though I want to make this blog just about writing, pretty much.  And querying and other related stuff.  I've got other places where I can write about my personal life!


Chanelley said...

Yay! You joined blogspot. I'm totally following your blog now! Haha. I shall be checking in all the time...yeah that makes me sound like a stalker...