Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plot twists.

This will be short, but I felt like blogging, so I'm going to. I was thinking today how much I like it when books surprise me. Really surprise me. So I decided that in Shattered Ice (that's my WIP...I decided that I need to just be satisfied with the title, and stop being so obnoxiously picky) I needed more things that were surprising. It's not that the storyline is predictable so much as linear - looking back at my outline, I think that once someone got about halfway through, they could roughly guess what else would happen, and how it would end. So now I've targeted three specific events, and have thought of ways to change them so that it will really keep people on their toes to read it. I already changed two things in my outline, but I still have to mull over the third, because it involves the very end, and I have several ideas that I can't decide between. I'll have to think about it some more, I suppose.


Race said...

I love surprises! I don't know if I could put any surprises in my own WIP without completely changing everything I love about it, though. Maybe a little more thought on that.