Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yes, it was yesterday. In the US. And some other places too, apparently. Why it's not the same everywhere is beyond me.

Anyway. I had a really good mother's day. This was my second one, but the last one didn't really feel like anything because I had just had the baby. But yesterday, my boyfriend got me Burger King for lunch, which was really nice of him. And I'm also getting three new books from the money I got for mother's day. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, and Evernight by Claudia Gray. The first, everyone keeps saying is really good, plus it's set in the future, so it might be nice to see how someone else does the future. FoHT I've been wanting to get since it came out. And Evernight was kind of a whim decision. I hope it will be good. It has vampires, which I am completely tired of, but there's a part of me that wishes I wasn't tired of them. I'm hoping for them to be redeemed with this.

Plus besides getting the books and the delicious/unhealthy fast food, and dinner that included corn on the cob (which is so good!) my boyfriend was really tired and decided he wanted to go to bed at about 8:30. I went upstairs then too, and ended up getting a lot written, since there was nothing to distract me in our bedroom, away from the computer! I'm pleased because I'm almost to the point where there will be things happening in rapid succession, which always makes the writing go faster.

So it was a good day. And I decided I felt like blogging about it!

And happy belated mother's day to all the other moms.


Andrea said...

I've always disliked mother's day - it's practically like having two birthdays! What happened to daughter's day?

But I'm glad you had a nice one anyway!

defcon said...

That's funny, because my mom's b-day is May 7th. XD
I actually forgot to wish her a happy b-day AND mother's day...I'm such a nice daughter.

Kaitlin said...

How great of you!
Michael's birthday is May 7th :D

Race said...

Claudia Gray is awesome and therefore her book will be.

*loves whims*

Maddi-Rose said...

I love Claudia Gray's book Evernight. I have read it, and thought it was amazing!