Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time...where does it go?

Seriously. I don't have a job, and I'm not in school. Yet over the past couple weeks, I've felt like there are just not enough hours in the day! Though to be fair, the one year old who's starting to get very adventurous does require a lot of watching. When I first started noticing this lack of time, I decided to change my original goal for myself of writing one chapter every 1-2 days to writing at least one chapter per week. It's going much better now, and I think that's a reasonable goal for myself. I know it'll go faster when I do certain scenes that have been buzzing around in my head since the beginning, but for now I'm just happy to be getting something down on paper. In a way I'm really envious of people who have the time to just sit and write, but then I think I'm not actually sure how productive I'd be if I had that freedom.

I'm approaching halfway through, having just about finished writing chapter eight of what I think will be seventeen chapters. I'm not 100%, because there's one part that I'm not sure how long it'll be, but definitely eighteen chapters at the most.

But then the other day, I had what feels like a shiny new idea, except it's not, really. It's a shiny revision idea. For Ignited, of course. I'm not really going to go into detail, because I am forcing myself to ignore it till I'm done writing Shattered Ice (something to do in the meanwhile when I've got people looking over SI when it's finished, I figure.) But the things I want to adjust make the story as a whole a little more mature, and pulls it right out of YA (not that teens can't read mature things, but teen characters will no longer work.) So oh well. This means that I probably will take it out of consideration for being my first novel, which I'm fine with. It's still my pet, and I adore it, but that doesn't mean it has to be first.

Also, can I just say that the most amazing thing in the world is to read something written by someone else that makes you feel completely inspired to make your own writing amazing and beautiful, and that makes you feel like you want to start writing the very instant you can? It doesn't happen often, that something I read makes me feel like that, but it's fantastic when it does.


Chanelley said...

Agreed, Kaitin - about other people's work inspiring you. What did you read?
Wow - I can't believe you're making Ignited adult instead of YA. Wow! Though it did always seem more adulty to me anyway.

Kirsten Hubbard said...

Ignited is a GREAT title.
happy to find your blog!!

Jenny said...

Oooh, something new for Ignited, sounds exciting.

And I love it when you find something to read that just completely inspires to work really hard on your own writing! What was it?