Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eek it's been too long...I fail.

My weeklong vacation to my parents' house has caused me to badly neglect my poor blog *strokes blog*. So I'll just make a joyous list of things that have happened between the last blog entry and now:

-SI is still with some betas, and I've had feedback from others. I like that I've given myself space from it, because aside from looking at the comments betas have made, I haven't looked at it since I sent it out. Which should give me a fresher eye when I go in to edit. My mind has already formed the idea of a pretty decent edit on the last chapter, though. And smaller edits elsewhere, to clarify and strenghten things. I look forward to it--editing is fun! But I'm procrastinating doing it a little bit, mainly to finish with the last of my beta projects (or the last for the moment, at least) before I distract myself with getting wrapped up in it again.

-I've been working on rewriting Ignited, which is still very fun. I'm finally doing it the way I want to instead of the way I feel like it's supposed to be, and it's making it a lot better. I've also made it less linear, less obvious what's going to happen. Because who doesn't like surprises? Not sure exactly what I'll do with it after I'm through, but I don't care. I love it, that's what matters to me.

-New story idea, which I mentioned in my last post, has taken form. I wrote the first few pages of it, then a rough outline, and finally a pretty specific outline (minus names for a lot of characters. Names have become my nemesis...grr.) So I guess I'm going to write it. I've set myself up perfectly to make it my project for that JulNoWriMo thing, but I haven't decided whether or not I'm actually going to do it yet. Because I sort of wanted to write this one nice and slowly. We'll see how I feel on...Wednesday haha. I think it'll be fun to write, anyway.

-Query letter: I FINALLY WROTE IT. It sucks, but it's written. My goals for this week are to a) make it better enough that I can show it to others and let them critique it without dying of embarrassment and b) write a synopsis. I'm almost as bad at synopses as queries. However, I actually think SI will be not that bad to write a synopsis for. Look at me, with the optimism.

-And most importantly: I blogged today on YA Highway, so...that of course needs to be read. Hehe. But no, actually, everyone else's posts are amazingly awesome, so if you have wandered across my blog and haven't made it there yet, it's a way better read. And we've now made it super easy, the 'follow' option is up on the side so you can become a follower with just one click. That sounded like an infomercial. Maybe I have a hidden talent?

Anyway, when the rambling starts, the blog entry needs to end.'s ended.