Saturday, June 13, 2009

The wonder that is writing

Ok, so it's really hard to come up with interesting blog titles, seriously.

I have Shattered Ice out with betas, so I'm trying my hardest to ignore it for right now. For at least another week, even though I'm already starting to get it back from some of them. I'm pleased with the feedback so far--fixable problems! There's always the terror that someone will send it back to me with no comments except at the end in giant red writing, "This sucks and I hate you for making me read it."

So what am I doing in the meantime? Having the best time ever rewriting Ignited. Making it my own fun experiment. And I'm really enjoying the result! I am sometimes surprised by my own brilliance. No, just kidding--I'm not really that cocky. But I wanted to get rid of one aspect of the story (FYI for those people who don't know...which is 99% of the world, Ignited is book 1 of 4) that only comes up in this first book, and never plays a role again. It made me have to change several other aspects (mentally--I haven't gotten that far yet on my rewrite) and I think it makes the whole thing a lot trickier, and a lot more awesome.

And then there is my new idea. I want to write it and really, really don't want to at the same time. It's wicked annoying. To be honest, I think I'll probably break down in a couple weeks and play with it a bit, because besides having a currently fuzzy ending, it's a pretty firm idea. And I like it because it involves the afterlife, and I have a weird obsession with writing about afterlifes, or things that take place in afterlife locations (hence the Demons living in Hell from Ignited).

All of this is my way to procrastinate writing a query letter for SI. Which I WILL do sometime this next week. I will. If I don't have a draft, I don't have anything to edit. So I have to just do it. But ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes, it needed that many h's. I am no good at making my stuff sound interesting in one paragraph.

Oh and as a last note, I have been so blessed with the things I have gotten to/am getting to beta read. Serious awesomeness, and that's all I will say.


Amanda Hannah said...

"this sucks and I hate you for making me read it"? Woman, please. That was a dang good book :P lol But's nerve wracking none the less. What is Ignited about?

Kaitlin Ward said...

Ignited is about demons. Who live in Hell, and are sort of at war with each other. And of course a few humans get sucked into it, because where's the fun otherwise?

To summarize it in a super basic way:)

Jenny said...

Yay for rewrites! Oh and just so you know- I really will not say 'this sucks and I hate you for making me read it'. I can't wait to read it!

Also, I really want to know what you new story idea is about! You may have to tell me some time....

Michelle Schusterman said...

QUERY!!!! It sucks to start, but then it's strangely addicting.

I can't wait to start SI- probably mid-week! Yay!

Andrea said...

Can I give you a really harsh joke critique, just to make you cry then cheer you up with my super-awesome-sparkly-pink-fairies-shoot-out-of-it critique? That would be funny.

And yes, you are EXTREMELY lucky of what you'll be betaing soon. It's like the best Christmas present ever.

That's right people, I'm moving Christmas to Summer.