Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No teasering...but it is Tuesday!

I don't feel like doing a teaser this week--can't always do them, or you'll have my entire book up here! But when it's Tuesday, and everyone's blogging, which gives me the compulsion to do it as well. I'm cool like that.

So it's hot. This has been just the worst summer, weather-wise! Not only has it rained for most of the past two months, but this past week it's been painfully hot. And we don't have an AC. Fans work, and use a lot less electricity. But it's still unpleasant.

I don't have much that's interesting to say; I've been working really hard editing Unthawed for the past two weeks(ish). It's coming along. It's not going as fast as I might like, but I am putting a lot of thought into it. I've cut a couple thousand words already, even while adding things here and there. That makes me happy, because I think it's turning out nicely. Aren't I optimistic?

Friday, July 24, 2009

The most epic blog post of all time

Okay, not really. But I am not the most creative titler. I don't want to only post on Tuesdays, because that's just boring. So enjoy my writing update (it will be small).

This week I've mostly been editing editing editing. I'm now on post-beta edit #2. The first edit went pretty well, but this second edit is going even better. I got rid of some distracting things in my first edit, so now its easier to see the specifics. But it's very slow going. Three chapters down, twenty-eight to go. I'm having so much fun, though. It's definitely coming together, which is exciting.

And I decided to write my WIP in present tense. I don't know why. Writing something in present tense has never even been on the radar for me, but there were just all these signs that my subconscious wanted me to write it in present tense, so last night, as a reward for all my good editing progress, I switched the first chapter (which is all I've written so far) into present tense. It sounds better than I imagined it would. I'm cautiously optimistic about how this will go. I can pretty much guarantee that this story will either be super amazing or it will be a complete nightmare. We'll find out when I start working on it again!

So that's all, I think.

Oh except, can it stop raining, please? Seriously. It's been like two months since we've seen the sun for more than a couple days in a row, and it's getting old.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teaser Tuesday...for real this time.

Not like last week when I put that in the title just for the sake of it! This is from the first chapter of Unthawed.

[teaser gone!]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesday...minus a teaser.

Yeah, I don't feel like teasering today. But I'm blogging anyway. About nothing, I just realized.

I went on vacation the past four days to Maine. It was nice. Relaxing. Internetless.

But now I'm back today, and had a lot to do. I haven't gotten as much beta reading done as I wanted to, or cleaning either. There is so much crap in my apartment, and every time I go somewhere, it feels like we come back with more baby toys! So instead of saving all the stuff the baby no longer uses (or never used, or I don't even know what it is...) for some imaginary future person who will need it, I'm throwing out a whole bunch of it. We just don't have the space. But we have even more stuff than I thought, so even working all afternoon has only gotten me about half finished.

I'm starting to get close to ready to query, which is kind of exciting. My query needs a little more tweaking, and I need to write a synopsis (actually I wrote half of a crappy rough draft version already--go me!) And I have about half left to go with revising Unthawed (the new title makes me happyyy), then it will go to a couple more beta readers. And be revised again. I think it's not in too bad of shape, so hopefully that goes well. By the end of the month, I hope I'll be able to start sending it to my pretty list of agents!

I know. That was boring. I'm posting it anyway, though.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

This is from my new WIP, which I can tell already is going to take me forever to write. It doesn't really have a title yet. Nor am I going to share what it's about, though mainly just because I'm feeling lazy. This is from only a few paragraphs into the first chapter, so it shouldn't be too confusing. But it's very first draftish, FYI.

[teaser gone!]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My week (and happy fourth!)

First of all, the obligatory happy Fourth of July! Even though it's driving me insane with all the fireworks, and I haven't been able to accomplish anything between the poor dog freaking out and the baby waking up on and off. Grrr loudness.

This was a pretty cool week for me, lots of fun things happened. I got to be really excited for other people's successes (SO excited), interview Claudia Gray for YA Highway (which was beyond awesome), spoke with some of my college friends who I hadn't heard from in a while (busy little things with their medical and vet school stuff!)

Those were the big things. Then there were smaller things, like working on my query letter, which finally has a rough draft that's like...sandpaper rough, not edges of a saw rough. And starting to work on my revising, which I find very fun. The best part is when I look through my beta comments, and I think she's right about that. Maybe it's weird to like comments that express that I'm doing something wrong, but I wrote it; I'm not going to see everything. I guess it just makes me happy to see that people want to help me, and aren't afraid to point out mistakes. AND on the subject, Shattered Ice is getting a shiny new title: Unthawed. Thanks to brainstorming by Kirsten & Amanda. Some of you probably already knew that I wasn't really all that fond of my title (especially if you were one of the multiple people I groaned about it to over MSN when I was first writing it), so when it came up, I was ridiculously happy for some help finding a better one. I want to do everything I can to attract love for it from agents, after all!

Soon I will be brave and show my query to others for it to be torn apart, then I will be even more brave (actually, less brave--somehow non-agents are scarier...) and start actually querying!

Oh and like I've mentioned previously, I am slowly writing something new, which is untitled at the moment. I kind of like it so far, and will probably post the beginning on the next Teaser Tuesday. I'm not in any rush to finish it, but it's nice to have something to work on. I have the strong feeling that it'll get hard for me to write somewhere in the middle, because despite the fact that it's fantasy, I think it's going to be a lot more of a 'finding herself' type deal than what I usually do. Usually, I like to have pretty distinct problems: the warring demons in Ignited; the creature that kills Emma's family in SI (or in Unthawed! I'm going to keep forgetting that I retitled it, I know I am.) But in this one, there is nothing like that at all. It's also going to have a lot more normal high school business, so we'll see how I do with that. Should be interesting!