Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roadtrip Wednesday: How I get ideas

I am a random idea getter. I’m not someone who is overtaken by a new idea each week. Usually my ideas come from a little seed I plant in my mind that stews and stews until it turns into something viable. For example, Unthawed started as a desire to write something with mammoths in it. I had this thought in about January, and sometime between January and the end of March, it evolved into an actual, outlineable idea.

I guess I’m inspired by my interests more than anything else. I like to blend together my interests to make something that is (hopefully) different from what’s already out there.

As for what triggers the ideas to form in my mind, it can really be anything. And I mean anything. I get a lot of ideas while in the shower, the rocking chair, or doing dishes (aka any task that involves little/no mental stimulation). But the tiniest little thing can be what sparks an idea. A leaf blowing in the wind, a news story, a specific line in a TV show or song that my brain connects to something else.

My mind is a strange place. You just never know what you might find there!


Karen Denise said...

I love that line: I'm a random idea getter. It's just too cute.

I think characters come to me first, most often, then the scene around them. Like with Light Bringers, my mc's came to me as whole people with personalities and then I built a story around them. Then with a faery wip I have, a scene came to me and then the characters, and plot. I guess we all come up with stuff in different ways. It's nice to hear how others work.

Michelle Schusterman said...

Very true! It's the most random little things that spark a big idea.

Sarah said...

Kudos! My last idea came from a song!

Kristin Miller said...

Yup. This is how it happens with me, too. Flash of lightning and all. Good post!!

Amanda Hannah said...

Me as well. I love those random spark moments lol.

I like your 'blending your interests together to make something different' remark. I think that is so true with your work. You have some very original concepts.

Chanelley said...

Haha. My ideas always come at random times too. Scenes too. I'll be driving to work and suddenly think "I need to include [idea] as a scene!"
Great post!