Monday, November 16, 2009

The love

So this is a lame thing to blog about maybe, but I finally feel in love with my (still untitled) WIP. I vaguely blogged about my writing on Friday, and about this WIP, but I've now worked through everything that's going to happen in thorough detail, and it's ballooned to 20,000 (or possibly a bit over--some is still handwritten) because I've gotten really obsessed with it.

I have the small fear that it (or aspects of it more than the thing as a whole) will be too similar to something else that I just haven't read, because I'm not well-read enough in contemporary to be writing something that takes place in a mainly contemporary setting. This is why I have betas.

It's also making me feel a little morbid.

But I love it.


Michelle Schusterman said...

Can you feel the love? I feel the love.

Kristin Miller said...

Totally not lame. I get where you're coming from and I'm Feeling The Love, Baby!

I know you read my post about ideas and execution, so don't even go there with the "too similar" thing. :/

Kaitlin Ward said...

haha it's just an irrational fear.

Becca said...

You're writing a contemp piece too?! yayayayay I'm not alone! lol

Kaitlin Ward said...

haha! It's not contemp, but it may as well be. So, I'll consider myself joining you ;)

Chanelley said...

I know exactly what you mean, Kaitlin. But I so want dibs on first betaing :)