Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RTW: What else do I do with my time?

So, I'm not really all that exciting. Reading and writing have always been my main hobbies, ever since I was a little tiny thing. These things make me happy, so when I have some spare time, why would I not read or write?

I do also like to play computer games, sometimes. The Sims being a particular favorite, although I've sort of gone off that now. It's amazing (but not bad!) how much time a one-year-old takes up. If the internet counts as a hobby, I guess I'd have to list that. I love reading blogs and twitter and keeping up with everyone on forums.

I also like the outdoors. I enjoy things like hiking and going for walks (which are kind of the same thing--one is just a more strenuous form of the other, really.) I like horseback riding and I like spending time on farms.

So there you are, the excitement that is me. But really, having exciting hobbies doesn't necessarily make you an interesting person. Caring about your hobbies does.


Lee Bross said...

I totally forgot about reading. Doh! I read whenever I have a free second. Above most anything else, I love a good book.

I like being outdoors too, funny how yard work actaully feels like a nice break!

Amanda Hannah said...

I like being outdoors as well. Those rare days we actually don't have rain /sigh.

I LOVE 'having exciting hobbies doesn't necessarily make you an interesting person. Caring about your hobbies does.' That's so true and well put.

Kristin Miller said...

I agree with Amanda - what a great statement! I like your hobbies! Having kids makes it tough to fit too many of them in . . .

Leila Austin said...

Kids are very and extremely time consuming. Especially when they're little.

I love The Sims. I don't even want to think about how much potential writing time The Sims has eaten up. I like how on Sims 3 you can have your sims earn their living by writing novels. So I end up making sims write novels while I procrastinate writing mine. Lol.

Michelle Schusterman said...

Ah, the Sims....I just reviewed this iPhone app that gives you interior design projects, with customers that have specific tastes and you design their homes and control the addictive.