Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I'm thankful for

So it's a little past Thanksgiving now, but I was away this weekend. Kirsten tagged me in her 10 things I'm thankful for post, so I figure I better do this!

All the even ones have to be writing related.

1. My family. And I mean the whole thing: my boyfriend, son, and dog, of course (yes, my dog is family!) My parents and my sister. My boyfriend's mom, sister, and brother-in-law, and his aunts who take us in whenever we decide to travel up there and get tired halfway along. All four of my grandparents, who I am blessed to still have around, and everyone else. Family is always important, and I'm really lucky to have a good one.

2. My moose loves. They make writing fun. I don't feel like I'm doing it by myself anymore, because I have Kirsten, Kristin, Michelle, and Amanda to share my ups and downs with. And I can feel happy for them when good things happen, and it's almost as amazing as if the good thing happened to me. I love that we all happened to appear on the AW boards around the same time (Seriously, I checked--three October 2008's, December 2008, and February 2009), because there is something eerily synchronized about us, despite our differences, and living all over the place.

3. My friends. Because friends are important too, you can't only have family. My friends are so interesting and wonderful and they still like me even though I'm terrible at keeping in touch (my writer friends probably think this is a lie, but seriously. I fail.)

4. My imagination. Maybe this seems like a weird thing to be thankful for, but honestly. Ideas matter--that is, good ideas matter. I like that I'm imaginative, because I want my ideas to stand on their own. I don't buy into the whole "it's all been done" thing. If I thought about it that way, then why would I even bother to write? I'd rather think that there are infinite ways I could make my writing stand out, if only my imagination can do it. And I have a good imagination, so I really think, when I force it to try, I can come up with unique ideas.

5. Where I live. Okay, not specifically at this very moment (although I do like my apartment, but I'm just not a city person) but in general, I love you, America. Do I like every last thing about this country? Of course not. But I do love it here, and I love where I grew up. Northern New England will always be my true home no matter where I move in the future. It's perfect.

6. Absolute write and its people. There are more awesome people in the writing world than just my meese. I honestly think I would be so lost without AW. Where else are there several active threads just about YA every time I check? Where else is there a thread where everyone links their teasers on Tuesday? Where else would I find people who actually are excited about reading these teasers each week? It's amazing, it's a community, and it's real. I'm not going to list everyone from there who I think is awesome, because there are too many of you. All I can say is, thank God for the internet, because it really is a blessing.

7. Our troops. They can't ever be thanked enough. Seriously, nothing I could possibly do or say is good enough to thank someone for being willing to risk their life so mine can be safe. Whether you agree with this war--or any war--or not, our troops are brave people and we should all be so proud of them, so grateful to them, so happy they are there for us.

8. Other people's writing. Published and unpublished. Books inspire me to write. Not because I read them and think "oh, good idea, let me write about that with just a few tweaks." No, it's because when I read a really good book, when I can feel how much the author loved writing it, it reminds me why I write.

9. My immune system. It's spectacular. I'm so lucky. Colds tend to pass me by, or if I do get them, they're usually pretty brief/mild. My health has always been good overall, and I'm glad for that. Being healthy is something we sometimes take for granted.

10. My books. I'm not published (or agented) yet. But I can't be either of those things if I'm not writing. And I have feelings of snuggly warmth toward the things that I write. They're labors of love, and I can see myself growing and improving with each draft, with each WIP. Writing is one of the best (THE best?) hobbies in the world, and I'm so glad I feel love toward what comes out when I put a pen to paper.

Tagging. I want to spread the love, so I'm trying to go for people whose blogs I follow who haven't already been tagged in ones I've read, and who haven't done this yet:


Kristin Miller said...

Yay! So good to read about your list. And you're right: We are eerily synchronized. Weird . . .

Michelle Schusterman said...

Of course dogs are family!!! Who wouldn't think so? :P