Friday, November 13, 2009

Writing and my inexcusable love of badboys

This might get really long. Just to pre-warn everyone.

So writing. I haven't actually blogged about my own writing all that much lately. Mainly because it tends not to be all that interesting of a topic, I've realized (especially if I do it too often) but also partly because I've got my WIP in somewhat of a protective little cocoon of mystery.

It's still untitled, because I have no idea what to title it. (I'm told that I can't call it Untitled unless that actually goes with the story in some way...of course, it doesn't.)

But all my characters are now named, and I researched all the things I needed to research, and I whined to Amanda about how I think I will fail at writing it because it's too hard, and then realized it's not going to be as hard as I thought (thank you, research), so this week it's blossomed from 7,000 words (where it was stuck since I first decided to try writing it in...August? July?) to just over 11,000, and it's just coming to me very quickly and happily.

So, that's all I really wanted to say about that.

Earlier, I was thinking about my love of "badboy" characters. And why. First of all, let's be clear what I mean when I say bad. Not emo. Not bad for the sole reason that they are a vampire who lusts after blood (and somehow miraculously manages to always control this lust with minimal effort but great amounts of whining). Not bad because they drink or do drugs or sleep around. Bad because, for whatever reason, they're a little dark inside. And because they can take care of themselves--and not just because they've got some special advantage due to immortality/superhuman abilities of some sort.

On a side tangent: it surprises me how often male characters are actually not very strong people. Sometimes this is necessary, of course, because not everyone is strong, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't done to make a mediocre female main character look stronger or braver. I won't give examples, because let's face it, that just will make me look mean.

Back away from side tangent: The reason I was thinking this is because last night I stumbled upon somewhere that said "Peeta or Gale"? (The Hunger Games) and on twitter, there were hashtags for teamnick or teamalan (The Demon's Lexicon). And I am so black and white about this, it's never ever a question in my mind. I like Peeta. He's a sweet little dear thing, and if there were no Gale, I'd be perfectly satisfied for he and Katniss to end up together. But, Gale exists. And Gale can hunt for things, and works in the coal mines, and he would rather fight than flee and hide. In The Demon's Lexicon, I am not even tempted to be swayed from preferring Nick. He's angry and cold and doesn't feel bad about killing people. Yet somehow, I find him attractive.

The only reason I've stuck with Eragon for three books, despite hating the main character, is because of Murtagh. Eragon (the character) spends 90% of his time feeling guilty about having stepped on ants or crushed a blade of grass (and the other 10% of his time is split between pining after someone he should never be able to get but probably will in the end, and killing people in battle, because apparently that's somehow different from ants and grass.) Murtagh is too busy having actual problems to worry about such pointless crap. Instead, he's just badass.

Sirius Black. I mean, come on. The guy escaped from the horrible wizard prison with the dementers guarding it. And you just know that even though he's on the good side, he'd mess some people up if he had to. This is why he's my favorite of everyone in Harry Potter.

I think my point is made.

And there is this little voice inside that says, "you have a very disturbing taste in fictional men." But you know what? I ignore that voice. The voice just doesn't understand.

I'm not sure there was entirely a point to this post, other than to express my love for badass guy characters. I thought I had a point, but it got lost somewhere in there.


Michelle Schusterman said...

Dude!!! Sirius was so, so my favorite too. I was so sad when book 5 came out and people were like "oh, it's just Sirius. I thought it was gonna be someone important." *sob*

And if you name your WIP Untitled, you'll have two U-s! (Written with a dash because Us looks like, well, us.) :)

Kaitlin Ward said...

I'll have two Unt's
Which means I should do it.

Kristin Miller said...

I love bad boys, too. Siruis was by far my fave guy in HP (and we've discussed Peeta and Gale. I like Gale, but how can you make a decision about a guy who appears in a total of five or whatever pages in two books? HeLLO!). But, yeah, give me bad every time. And you want to know why? Because they're CONFIDENT! They do what they do because they know they can/know they should and don't need to ask permission. I find confidence utterly attractive.

Milena March said...

Don't worry Kaitlin, you're not alone. :) Murtagh's one of my favourite characters in Eragon and I guess that there's just something about the 'bad boy' type that secretly attracts everyone. :D

Kirsten Hubbard said...

Agreed. And: I'm soooo intrigued by this WIP bad boy of yours. but you're one of those exasperating writers who keeps all too quiet about her WIPS until they're finished *cough, cough*