Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas and political correctness

This has nothing to do with writing. At all.

But it isn't the holidays if I don't get on my soapbox.

I'm Christian. I celebrate Christmas. I say Merry Christmas to people, because I grew up in a tiny little town, and from kindergarten to eighth grade, everyone in my class was also Christian. Nobody's feelings were hurt if I didn't also mention the other holidays that happen this time of year.

And nobody's feelings should have been hurt, even if they weren't Christian. Christmas has become very commercialized. Atheists celebrate it too. Agnostics. Whoever feels like it! It only has religious meaning if you want it to have religious meaning. Other holidays around this time of year, Hanukkah, for example, are strictly religious.

When I say (or type) Merry Christmas, I don't mean, "Have a great holiday season, but only if you're Christian, because otherwise I hate you". I mean, "I hope you have a wonderful holiday season." I gratefully accept any well wishes this time of year. Even if I don't celebrate the holiday, I appreciate that someone wants me to have a good one. December, to me, is a month of family and closeness, not hostility and anal retentiveness.

I really think it takes political correctness to a whole new realm of ridiculousness to get upset over being wished a Merry Christmas. So if you are someone who does, breathe, take a step back, ask yourself why it's so offensive. And know that whoever said it to you probably wasn't trying to convert you, they were just trying to be kind.

And so ends my regular holiday ranting. I hope everyone has a wonderful season, no matter what they celebrate, or even if they celebrate nothing at all.


Amna said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with this one.

Krista Ashe said...

I agree with Amna. Totally. I think it should be Merry Christmas without regards to faith or anything else!

Good job!

inkspatters said...

Agree with the other commenters here. I'm not Christian and I never have been, but I go around wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and give out Christmas cards and presents etc. It's weird that people get upset about it.

Great post.

Michelle Schusterman said...

Yeah, I'm not Christian either, but it certainly never bothers me to be wished a Merry Christmas. In the end, it's a wish for happiness, so what does it matter?

That being said, I only say it to people if I know for sure they do celebrate Christmas. My in-law-family is Jewish, so I wouldn't say it to them, lol. Not because they'd be offended (they wouldn't care a bit) but because it's kind of like wishing your brot

Michelle Schusterman said...

Ummm...comment cut off?


"kind of like wishing your brother a happy mother's day."

Is what I said.


V said...

This whole PC Christmas thing irritates me, too! One time I asked a Jewish friend if it would bother her if I wished her a merry Christmas, and she said "would it bother you if I wished you a Happy Hanukkah? No. So no." I don't know why people get upset when you wish them well. Makes no sense.