Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My 2010 goals

It's the new year (almost). Resolution time. My resolution in 2009 was to stop biting my nails, and I kind of forgot about it until sometime around November, when I suddenly decided it was just life or death that I accomplish this.

I'm making progress, for sure, although I don't think I've quite kicked the habit. I'm aware when I do it, which is a good start, and I've been able to grow my nails out to a reasonable length a couple times.

For 2010, I think I'm going to resolve to finish kicking the habit, and also stop some of my related bad habits: chewing the skin on the side of my nails, and when all else fails, my hair (I know, ew) or sweatshirt strings.

But I have other goals, which for me is a whole separate thing. For the purpose of having them in a concrete form, here they are:

1) Using lol less (and maybe smilies too). Okay, yeah, this is a really basic sounding goal. But I don't like how often I rely on smiley faces and lols in emails, forums, twitter, etc. to relay that something is a joke, or that I find something funny or sad or happy or whatever. I should be able to express myself without emoticons and lols, so moderation would be to my benefit.

2) Eating better. I am one of those "lucky" people who can eat just about anything and not lose my figure. I'm a wisp of a thing, and it's likely I always will be. However, thin does not necessarily equal healthy. While I'm in good condition now, certain health conditions, like high cholesterol, run in my family, and I'd rather get my eating habits in order before the time comes when I suddenly have to stop eating everything I love because my cholesterol has shot through the roof. For this year, I think my goal will mainly be portion control when it comes to snacks. No justifying my massive mound of potato chips by telling myself, "but I'm also eating this nice, healthy sandwich!" And I definitely need to eat more fruit. I love fruit, but sometimes I forget about it.

3) Exercising! I never exercise. Walking and lifting the toddler are about my only exercise activities. I don't think I need anything intense, and I'm not interested in losing weight, but exercise is just healthy.

4) Getting an agent. This is my scariest goal, because I have no idea how attainable it is. I think it's attainable, but it's one of those things where you never know. If it doesn't happen, I guess I'll know I need to write a better book in 2011!

5) Owning a book that's autographed by the author. It was a sad day when I realized I own no autographed books, let me tell you. This is a small, random, fun goal to offset some of my more challenging ones!

6) Writing one (or more) new books. I was going to make my goal two at first, or even three, because I can definitely write more than one book in a year. But I'm thinking my next WIP might be a little taxing, and I foresee several months of work going into the thing. Not to mention my unedited rough draft that still needs work, and any other things that may arise. Ideally, I definitely think I'd like to write two brand new rough drafts, at the very least, next year. Just because.

So those are the six goals I had the urge to share with the world. I hope everyone has a happy (and safe) new year!


Jamie D. said...

Good luck with your goals - I have that whole "chewing my cuticles" problem too. Tough to kick!

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing what others are working on too. :-)

(No, I'm not giving up my emoticons. They're just so...expressive!)

Jenny said...

Some great resolution there! Good luck with them, haha, I can't wait to see how you do with the 'no more loling' one! :D

Chanelley said...

Definitely some great goals! I'm confident you'll kick your nail biting habit. I need to stop chewing the skin on the side of my nails too haha. Good luck!

Kristin Miller said...

Go get 'em! I know you will be awesome in 2010.

And I can think of at least one person that can take care of number 5 . . .

Anonymous said...

Sensible goals. Good luck. I hope you get agented.

Kate said...

I should have an anti-LOL goal too. *sigh*

Oh, and an anti-"things in asterisks" goal too. :( LOL!

Kaitlin Ward said...

I should probably have an anti-things in asterisks goal too, but it's too much. lol will be hard enough!!

Becca said...

HAHAHA! Your LOL one cracked me uppp. You can do it, Kaitlin!! <33 HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

Lee Bross said...

I could never give up my exclamation points! *hugging lil pointy tight an squeezing till he screams. I will hug him and love him and call him George*

You can do it all Kaitlin!!! You rock and this will be a great year for you!

Now me and my exclamanies are gonna go snuggle.

Michelle Schusterman said...

Great resolutions! I know what you mean about lols and smileys - I rely on them too.

:) :) :)