Thursday, December 10, 2009

My YA decade

For some reason, it randomly hit me this morning (that's this morning as I'm writing this, on Tuesday the eighth) that this was an insane decade of change in my life.

In 2000, I graduated eighth grade, and I was fourteen (well, fifteen by the end of 2000). I remember thinking that was just the coolest thing ever, being the class of 2000, even if it was only middle school.

Then I spent the next four years in that angsty, amazing, devastating, beautiful time known as high school. Instant messaging programs were only just starting to get popular (or maybe they started to get popular a couple years before that, but they hit their stride when I was in high school) and we discovered new ways to torture each other, like printing out AIM conversations meant only for our eyes and showing them to others, or talking to someone while at a friend's house, pretending to be that friend while they watch, giggling. We had epic fights over boys and who was better friends with who and who betrayed who and other things that seem so ridiculous in hindsight. I had boyfriends and lost boyfriends and had to decide how I felt about drinking, drugs, and having sex (all of which I decided to save for college, in the end--except drugs, which I opted not to try at all. In a non-judgmental way. It just wasn't my thing.) I thought my breakups were the most heartbreaking of all time, and no one could possibly understand how hard it was. I went to prom, I had a blissful senior year (at least, the second half). I parted ways with a boyfriend in my last ever technical breakup, and it was kind of beautiful, in retrospect. Everything then seemed so dramatic, so huge, and now when I think back, the things I thought were so horrifying tend to hide in the back of my memory, and all I can remember clearly are the amazing times I had.

And then I went to college, where I made good decisions and bad decisions and luckily no really, really bad decisions. I joined a sorority and I went to fraternity parties and I grew into myself. It was a time of seeing my potential rather than my flaws (especially in how I looked). I met amazing people who will be my friends until always, and I met my boyfriend who will hopefully also be around until always.

And then I had a baby and got a dog and an apartment and started my life as an adult.

Which means, this decade pretty much encompassed my entire transition into adulthood, because high school was that first big change for me (tiny kindergarten-eighth grade school, where I already knew half my class before I even arrived at age five! The 90's were quite a comfort zone, despite all the changes that go on in the tween years). It's kind of amazing to think about how insanely much I've changed over the past ten years. I don't think I'll ever do so much growing in one decade again. I mean really, from nervous freshman in high school who was scared she would go to the wrong classroom to Mom. That's pretty full circle.

For the next decade, now that I don't have to worry about growing myself anymore--much, I'm going to have to get started on some of my life goals (minus the one major already achieved one--having a child!)

I know this post wasn't really very writing related, but with 2009 about to end, I had to do it!


Michelle Schusterman said...

Wow, no kidding - HUGE decade for you! That's incredible.

You've got me wondering about mine now, and also, I feel 2000 I was in college. I was just starting to date Josh. I spent that February in Trinidad, marking the beginning of my travel obsession. And since then, I've graduated, taught 4 years of high school band, lived in Salvador and Korea, and started a writing career. Yay! Big decade for me too! :)

Great post idea.

Amanda Hannah said...

I actually graduated from High School in 2000 (thought it made me all special, too lol ;)

Maybe this is why so many of us love going back to visit the teen, angsty years. They really pass so quick and are full of so much change and growth.

Kristin Miller said...

I love this post. So many awesome things going on, so many changes and memories. I love reading about the choices you made and what you think now as you look back. I agree: this has been a super decade.

VĂ©ro said...

You're post actually made me a bit teary! I tend to get a bit nostalgic-y like that!

The past decade has been a big one for me too, though I graduated high school in 1999. (I'm so old *cry*) I also started dating my husban in 1999 (Obviously, he wasn't my husband then)

But somehow in the past 10 years, I've lived in 8 different cities (back and forth between 2 different provinces), I accumulated 4 cats (am I nuts?, got married in 2005 and had 2 little girl in 2006 and 2008(yup I'm definitely nuts!)

Great post!