Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roadtrip Wednesday: What do people say?

This week's Roadtrip Wednesday asks: What do people say when they learn you're writing a book?

I haven't gotten any supremely unusual reactions, to be honest. Mostly, I don't talk about it with people because the conversation gets too confusing and complicated, once they start asking about "when I will be published" and things of that nature. So the most common response has been that people are proud of me for writing a book. Which is nice! I like when people are enthusiastic about it, or display a genuine interest in talking to me about how it's going and all of that.

My least favorite of the questions I've been asked has to be, "Will you make me a character" or the similar, "Will you name a character after me?" you want that flaws and all? 'Cause I don't think you'll really like it as much as you think.

I've had a few people tell me they want to write a book one day, and I get a lot of questions about "how you do it" or "writing sounds boring". Or, "omg will you be rich like Stephenie Meyer/JK Rowling? And will you still talk to me when you are?"

My dear sweet sister, who isn't really an avid reader, asked how long after a book comes out they make a movie of it, usually.

I'm glad she has so much faith in me...

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ETA: I had to edit this, because I just remembered another gem from my sister (which will be better if you've read my lovely post from last week's Roadtrip Wednesday). When she first found out I wanted to be published, she said, "it's not about cows, is it?" She was very relieved when I said no. I don't think she felt I'd have much luck that way!


Kate Hart said...

I guess after publication you get, "Can I play so and so in the movie?" or "Can I write the screenplay?" Oh lord-- or "Can you hand my screenplay to your agent/editor/director/producer?"

the horror. the horror.

Kristin Miller said...

aaaaaaaaaahahahaha! YES, IT'S ABOUT COWS!!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

oh yeah -- they aaaaaalways ask if I'll remember the little people when I'm big like Harry Potter. right-o

Leila Austin said...

I've never been asked if I'll name a character after someone, but I bet it's awkward.

And yeah, the 'will you remember me when you're rich and famous?' question. Usually followed by an awkward laugh. Always a fun one.

Amanda Hannah said...

Cows rofl.
Though I still say you should get to work on that story you posted for last week's RTW.