Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RTW: my favorite place to read and/or write

My bed.

It's snuggly and warm and convenient. I do probably about 90% of my (non-beta) reading there, and a fair amount of writing, too. I do a lot of rough drafting and outlining in longhand, so I can do it wherever.
Reading and/or writing before bed has been a going to sleep ritual for me since I was a teeny little thing. From grade school upward, masses of notebooks and regular books were stacked beside my bed, so I guess it's kind of always been my favorite place to write.
But I do a lot of writing at my computer desk too (for obvious reasons) so I've grown fond of writing there too.
Guess I'm not all that exciting, but there you go.

What's your favorite place to write? Go to YA Highway to see what others have said, and link your post too!


Jen said...

I love to write while sitting on the couch. That is when I am doing longhand, which is where most of my ideas normally start.

I love my desk behind the couch when I'm writing on my laptop.

Great post!

Lee Bross said...

I used to love reading in bed, but I can't do it anymore. I get to sleepy!! LOL

Kate Hart said...

Reading in bed is easier than writing for me-- I have to spread out notebooks and popcorn and laptop and reference books and.... that doesn't leave much room for the husband, who would like to sleep.

Michelle Schusterman said...

I am so all about writing in bed.

Anonymous said...

If I still had a laptop I'd write in bed. If I'm doing longhand, then I bring the notebooks to bed. I read in bed, but when I get sleepy I have to move to a chair.

Kirsten Hubbard said...

I can't write in bed, but I've also read before I slept since I was little. In fact, I can't fall asleep without a few pages to settle my day brain.

Anonymous said...

I could never write in bed. Ideally, I have about an hour or two between when I stop writing and when I go to bed.

Otherwise, it takes me forever to fall asleep because my brain just won't shut down for the night.

Amanda Hannah said...

I like writing in bed. I feel comfy and safe.