Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RTW: the next Big Thing in YA

Ok, let's start this post off by saying I really have no idea. So I might be a little silly.

Fantasy is always big. Let's just get that out there. ALWAYS. Of course, fantasy is so broad. I'd like to see high/epic fantasy get way popular--beyond Graceling, Fire, and the Eragon series. I might be totally making this up, but I think it's one of those genres that has its ups and downs. It's time for an up!

As for paranormal creatures that might start making the rounds...sirens? I'm so uncreative right now, I can't even think of what other interesting paranormal creatures there are. I like ghosts. Maybe those will become more popular. Or maybe paranormal creatures will go out altogether. Probably only for a spell, though. I mean, so many of them are immortal, you just can't keep them away forever.

Hmm...contemporary. I am woefully lost on how to detect trends in contemporary. I mean, what counts as a trend? I'd kind of like to see more things where romantic relationships aren't central to the plot. Because, they aren't always! This isn't to say I don't like a good romance. And maybe I shouldn't comment. Maybe non-romance contemporaries are trendy already and I just missed it. I should probably not reveal how underread I am in contemporary. I'm trying to catch up, really!

And I really so hope that books with college aged characters become popular soon. (I refuse to call these "new adult" until it's actually an official term--in my super professional opinion, "new adult" is a stupid term). College is like high school, but older. There's so much to write about! So much coming of age stuff happens when you wander off to the magical place known as Anywhere That Isn't Your Parents' House. So much to write about and read about! And when I was in high school, I was dying to read about college kids. I had no idea what I was in for, and I was nervous!

Anyway, don't want that to get too long-winded. But. College kids should have a place on the shelves too.

So what do you think? What's next in YA? Wander to YA Highway to see what my other lovely ladies thought, and link your own blog post in the comments!


Lee Bross said...

Contemporary is always the hardest for me to speculate on!. It's real life, so you can't throw in a demon or a ghost to spice things up!

Amanda Hannah said...

I love the thought of 'new adult' but agree the term isn't the best lol

Geoff said...

I've seen a lot of people speculating on YA epic fantasy being the next heavy hitter. I hope you and other are right - my WIP is exactly that!

Chanelley said...

Totally agree with you, Kaitlin, about college aged MCs.
Also, I don't mind Epic Fantasys as long as there's not bundles of names I can't pronounce. :D

Kristin Miller said...

Haha - "They are immortal so you can't keep them away forever." Love that. But I agree, I kind of want to move away from the typical UF elements into something fresher. I'm not a huge epic fantasy fan, but something mind-blowingly different in that genre would be awesome. Like second ice ages.

Michelle Schusterman said...

Love the new adult concept. I mean, writing about college life alone would be so fun.

Leila Austin said...

I'd love to see more good high fantasy! It is definitely time for an up! Especially if it involves writers like Kristin Cashore!

And college aged characters would be awesome. I love the idea of New Adult, although I'm not sure about the name 'New Adult' either.