Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, and cover love for Kirsten

So first of all, how can I not blog about Dr. Seuss's birthday? I loved his books as a kid, I love reading them now to my kid. My boyfriend has a small obsession with Horton Hears a Who (he made me buy the movie!) All in all, we're a Dr. Seuss loving family. As all families should be! I learned some good life lessons from those books!

Fellow YA Highway blogger Kate Hart posted a way better homage than I ever could, so go there now! (I totally want that purse...)

Second, and just as importantly, Kirsten Hubbard got to share something truly awesome with the world yesterday: the cover of her March 2011 debut, Like Mandarin. And it's gorgeous! This book has a happy little place in my heart, because Kirsten was the first of my writerly friends to get her book deal, and I can't wait until I can walk into my local bookstore and see this amazing cover--containing an even more amazing book--on shelves.

See you all tomorrow for Roadtrip Wednesday!


Kate Hart said...

Aw, I just saw this. Thanks for the link love!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

thanks for the cover love! so glad you were there from the beginning.