Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: Career

This week's topic is: which author's career would you most like to emulate?

This is a really hard topic for me, because I waffled around a lot when thinking about it. First, I narrowed it down by thinking, who don't I want to be?

I started with the one-hit wonders. They might come out with more books, but for now, that's exactly what they are. J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. I love Harry Potter as much as the next girl, but I don't want to be either of these authors (or others in their category--Dan Brown probably counts too) because they have such an intense uphill battle the next time they write something. I would not want to be under this immense pressure, because for many fans, nothing either author writes will ever live up to their debuts. I don't want that for myself--even if I thought it was possible.

Then I decided there's also another type of author I don't want to be: the branded superstar. James Patterson, Tom Clancy, Danielle Steel, etc. These people have had long, successful careers, but I don't want a career that closes me--for the most part--into one genre. (I guess you could argue that YA is a genre, but there's a lot of room within it).

So then I thought, who do I want to be? I couldn't really settle on any one person who I was fully satisfied with wanting to emulate, but I decided to settle on Garth Nix as a rough example. He has had a long, successful career, and I feel confident when I pick out one of his books from the store that I will enjoy it. That's sort of how I would like to eventually (and ideally) be. Quietly successful, putting out books regularly but not so quickly that they all start blending into each other.

What about you? Wander to YA Highway to see what others have said, and to post your own link!


Kate Hart said...

I guess I'm going to have to read this guy since you keep talking about him. ;)

Kirsten Hubbard said...

hee hee you're a boy!

I agree with Kate -- it's wild that I haven't read any Garth Nix books. Where should we start?

Amanda Hannah said...

Me three! I like how you narrowed this down.

Kaitlin Ward said...

Kirsten: Shade's Children is my favorite, but then I always fear other people won't like it as much as I do haha. It's dystopian, though, and done in a really interesting way.

Kristin Miller said...

I love this: I want to be an author whose readers know any book they pick up, they will enjoy.

What a pure, fantastic goal. Love it.

Chanelley said...

That's the kind of author I would like to be too. I definitely agree about JK Rowling. Even she admitted that if she was to write another book, she'd do it under a pen name because it will come with such a hype.
I also need to read Shade's Children!

Kirsten said...

I totally agree with you. One-hit-wonders have their moment, but I'd rather have a lot of smaller moments throughout a steady career. Great goals!

Tahereh said...

great post, kaitlin! i love your pick and why! quiet success is a noble road :D

best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the one-hit wonders. It's like being typecast (in TV speak). I'd like to be versatile, with no restrictions.

ST6153 said...

I don't see how S. Meyer fits the one hit wonder mold anymore. Yes, Twilight was huge but The Host which was a completely seperate genre was on the best seller list for weeks and has sold a ton of copies. Not that I'd want to be her but I think she is not in the same mold as say, JK Rowling who really has not done anything other than Harry Potter.

V. Roth said...

I love Garth Nix! My favorite is the whole Sabriel/Abhorsen...saga, thing. But now I'll have to check out Shade's Children.

Great post!

Shayda Bakhshi said...

Absolutely love Garth Nix. Everything from The Ragwitch to Seventh Tower to [especially] Sabriel/The Old Kingdom series.

And I think he's a great example.

Also, Alison Croggon (coincidentally another Australian author) has an epic YA fantasy series in print, along with some very serious non-genre poetry, and has written several theater critique/review columns. Really shaking up writerdom, she is. Pretty cool.