Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RTW: Procrastination

In non-procrastinator form, I'm actually writing this post a week in advance.

But normally, I am all about the procrastination. It's one of my best, and most practiced, skills. In college, I used to write essays and study for exams at the last possible moment. The last semester I was there, a friend and I made a habit of writing our papers for a class we had together the day they were due, and walking up to turn them in at five (that particular teacher always cancelled class the day a paper was due. It's like she knew exactly how college students' minds work.) We'd check in with each other every hour (or sometimes half hour) and if we were making good progress, we'd reward ourselves with a snack or an episode of Friends or something.

Now, most of my procrastination is done using the internet. It's actually kind of scary how much time can just slip past while I fiddle around on twitter, Facebook, gmail, blogs and Absolute Write. People just have so much to say, and I love reading it all.

Hours can also be wasted on Wikipedia. I mean, you look up a fact about one species of dinosaur, and suddenly you're skipping around to pages about eighty-six other species of dinosaurs, and then oh but what about mammoths and then wait--how big is an elephant compared to a mammoth? Have to wiki that. (sidenote: I like that spell check doesn't underline 'wiki'.) And it just spirals out of control.

And, of course, I'm one of the millions who've been sucked into Farmville and a couple other Zynga games on Facebook. Gotta harvest those crops, can't let them whither!

My boyfriend and I just got a Nintendo Wii a couple weeks ago, which has been a total wish fulfillment experience. I never had any gaming console when I was a kid, but my cousins did. I didn't get to play all that much, and I was always envious because it looked so fun. It was, of course, necessary for us to buy the N64 version of Mario Kart from their little Wii points store thing, so between that, Wii Sports Resort, and Super Mario, yeah, there's some distraction.

I also get completely sidetracked from life if I'm reading a book I'm really into. Be it beta reading or an actual published book. Just a couple weeks ago, I beta read something that I could not. stop reading. and neglected my poor boyfriend entirely for a couple days.

Those are all things that distract me from writing or doing household chores, but writing can also be a form of procrastination in itself. Dishes need to be done? But nooo, I'm only, like, two pages away from finishing this chapter! And if I don't write it while the baby is napping, I'll never get it done. (This is one of many excuses to procrastinate dish washing, my least favorite task.)

So those are some of my forms of procrastination. How about you? How do you procrastinate?

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Jen said...

Ugh just the word makes me cringe because I hate when it happens!! I am terrible with facebook and twitter (which is new) and reading all the wonderful blogs! Oh and not to mention when I find a book I am really into nothing else matters until I finish it!

Great Post!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

I was such a procrastinator in college too. And high school. I used to sit on the stairs every morning and do my math homework. maybe I'll update my post because the memories have suddenly descended.

Michelle Schusterman said...


(Tell me you played the game where you ride the cows. TELL ME YOU PLAYED THE GAME WHERE YOU RIDE THE COWS!!!)

Kristin Miller said...

LOL. I love that you wrote this a week ago. Ugh, college procrastination. You know, I don't even think of it as procrastination when it's college; I think of it as The College Experience.

Amanda Hannah said...

LOL Michelle, there's a game with cow riding?! Seriously?
And, yes. I was a college procrastinator too. So very, very bad.

Lee Bross said...

Your such a cheater!!!! LOL

Sarah said...

AHHH!!! DON'T GIVE ME IDEAS! *covers eyes*

John Rea-Hedrick said...


I have sworn off all Facebook games, quizzes, etc. because of the time I know I'd spend on them once I got started. So far so good.

Your mention of gaming consoles growing up reminded me of what I had. In the days WAY before Nintendo there was Atari!" target="_blank"

All the games was stored on cartridges. Really. Think 8-Track tapes of the software world. I spent H-O-U-R-S as a kid playing those games.

You may stop laughing now.

BTW...I have it on good authority the Cow Game is a scream. ;-)