Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RTW: Best book of July

As we do each month, this week's topic is: what was the best book I read in July. I read a lot in July. And good books, too. So picking The Best was pretty hard. But as you can assume from the giant picture on the left, I decided on THREE DAYS TO DEAD by Kelly Meding. It's not YA! I feel like I'm cheating on my genre, but I don't feel too guilty.

I've been interested in this book for a while. It's pretty, and the author is an AWer. I like to keep AWers' titles in mind when I'm book shopping, because let's face it: AWers are cool (at least, most of them).

The main reason this book won out as best book I read this month is that I took it with me on vacation and ignored everyone while I got enthralled. The characters are awesome, the writing is smooth, the plot is layered and interesting. I had no idea what was going to happen in the end and how/if the MC would manage to overcome the whole only allowed to live for three more days thing.

There was a lot of world-building to be done in this book; a multitude of paranormal creatures, people with abilities, explaining how this works while (most) humans have no idea. Yet it was woven in really well, with very few exceptions, and despite the fact that her world and creatures were very unique, I didn't have any trouble remembering the details that I learned.

So all in all, it was gripping, gritty, and just plain good.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Destination: Los Angeles!

On Thursday, I am off to LA for the SCBWI conference. And I'm excited! Admittedly, more about meeting the awesome people, but still. I will learn things. It will be fun. Many a picture will be taken.

I hope I see anyone who reads this who will be there!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RTW: My Best Posts

I know I haven't been a very good blogger the past couple weeks. I'll be better after July (I hope). Anyway, this week's RTW topic is: give us a link to the best blog post you've ever written
Now, I don't actually know which one is my "best". And I'll admit, I didn't search through every one I've ever written, but I picked three that got a lot of comments--which can sometimes be as good as (or better than) posts themselves:

Evidently, the posts I like best are the ones where I get on my soapbox. And by the way, I still think the one on beauty is probably the best post I've ever done, and not just me--fellow YA Highwayer Kristin Otts started the idea and it spread around the internet for a few days, which was amazing. Alright, so those are mine, what about yours? Visit YA Highway to link and see others' greatest posts!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RTW: My ideal writing desk

Obviously this post calls for lots and lots of pictures, because that's more fun. And we're assuming, of course, that I've suddenly started growing money--I paid no attention to cost in my lustful desk and desk supply wishes.

First things first: the desk
From Staples

And a comfy and awesome chair, something of this sort:
From Office Max
A badass and also cool looking computer:
From Alienware
And then of course some boring things, like: a really good printer, notebooks, pens, etc. 
And a super cool desk supply organizer:
From Staples

And a cool lamp:
From and
There ends my bloggerly fun for today. I spared you pictures of the exact notebooks and pens I wanted in my ideal world, and maybe that's for the best...

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I hate [insert genre here]

We all see it sometimes. In forums, on blogs, on twitter. Sweeping generalizations, often backed up with fake statistics, like "90% of all YA is the exact same, and [insert insult here]."

This actually makes me really sad. Okay, so you're not into paranormal romance (this genre seems to be the one that takes the hardest hit, because of--I'm assuming--a couple famous examples with passive MCs). That's fine. But be respectful to all the people who write amazing, gorgeous, unique paranormal romances. Or whatever your hated genre of choice is. Just because you don't enjoy it doesn't mean it's all bad.

In fact, I'd wager that if you think all YA is the same/terrible/clich├ęd, you are probably not reading enough YA. Because yeah. I've read some things that made me wonder what publishers were thinking. But I've also read some things that were so good I wanted to read them again and again and again. My copies of THE GOLDEN COMPASS and several others have been read so many times they're falling apart. I actually had to get a second copy of THE GOLDEN COMPASS so I wouldn't abuse my poor first copy anymore. There are so many books out there. So many amazing books. Making decisions about entire genres based on one or a few books is just...painful to watch.

There's a difference between personally disliking a genre and deciding that every book in that genre sucks, and forcing this opinion on everyone in sight. Every time I see something like this, I feel like I've been poisoned a little. Maybe that sounds like an exaggeration, but that's honestly what it feels like to me. Every writer in whatever genre is being disrespected all at once, whether they deserve it or not.

So I guess I don't know what the point of this post is, except to say, I wish I could one day venture out into the online world and witness a little less bitterness, and a lot more love.