Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RTW: My Best Posts

I know I haven't been a very good blogger the past couple weeks. I'll be better after July (I hope). Anyway, this week's RTW topic is: give us a link to the best blog post you've ever written
Now, I don't actually know which one is my "best". And I'll admit, I didn't search through every one I've ever written, but I picked three that got a lot of comments--which can sometimes be as good as (or better than) posts themselves:

Evidently, the posts I like best are the ones where I get on my soapbox. And by the way, I still think the one on beauty is probably the best post I've ever done, and not just me--fellow YA Highwayer Kristin Otts started the idea and it spread around the internet for a few days, which was amazing. Alright, so those are mine, what about yours? Visit YA Highway to link and see others' greatest posts!


Holly Dodson said...

I love all three of those posts :) Good choices!

Kathleen said...

Dude, I so love your soapbox. If you ever need an official "soap box carrier", I'm totally up for the job.

John Rea-Hedrick said...


Sticking your neck out takes real courage. All three of these posts show you got lots of that.

Thanks for sharing these!

Sarah Enni said...

We obviously love you on your soapbox as well. Love the posts!

Kate Hart said...

You know ranty Kaitlin is my favorite. :)

Cory said...

I missed your beauty blog post before. So glad I got to read it now!!

Veronica Roth said...

How on earth did I miss that beauty post? All I have to say is: YES. WIN. I suspect we encounter a lot of the same comments with regard to that particular issue.

Feel free to LIVE on that soapbox, by the way. :-)

Michelle Schusterman said...


I love the online diva moments, lol. So damn true. And just doesn't sink in for everyone.

KO said...

I'd missed beauty and truth too, and am really glad RTW got you to reference it again.

While my issues lie on the other side of the scale, I love hearing someone else's perspective.

I hope this post encourages others to be healthy and happy.