Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RTW: Best book of November

So ummmmm...I kind of didn't read any books in November. I could blame this on lots of things, but I'll just accept my failure as a reader and move on with it.

But, like Kate, I did some research this month, which means I read some nonfiction. (Sidenote: does the word "nonfiction" sound weird to anyone else, if you think about it for a few seconds?) A couple months ago, I bought the super awesome book, The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life. I'm not going to lie, guys. It's pretty much the best thing ever. (And hey! Amazon classifies its reading level as "young adult").

I read it through once when I first bought it, but this month I've been reading parts of it more thoroughly because I am using some prehistoric-like creatures in my WIP. I've learned all sorts of irrelevant things, too. Aren't you guys glad we don't live in the time of six-foot cockroaches? I love learning things, but I hate feeling like I'm learning things (you know what I mean, I hope).

So if you are secretly or not-so-secretly harboring a love of prehistoric creatures, I really recommend this one. (Also it has pretty illustrations.)

What was the best book YOU read this month? Visit YA Highway to share your link!


Alicia Gregoire said...

I now have a horrifying vision of a 6 foot cockroach. Hubby is six feet, so I didn't need this visual. LOL

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Sounds like some fun research. I find learning easier if I'm doing it for a WIP. I read (listened to) The Geography of Bliss and The Evolution of God for my nonfiction research this month.

KO said...

ummm, sounds cool. I have a dino-lover in the house who would dig it!

Anonymous said...

Research is so fun when you're researching fun things. :D

Erinn said...

SWEET!!! There's not enough Non fiction being recommended. I love me some prehistoric animals.

Nice choice. I'm off to put it on my amazon wish list right now.

Katy said...

Wow, I'm totally curious about your WIP based on that book rec! Sounds pretty cool, and it's nice to see nonfiction recs every once in awhile.