Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RTW: What do I want from Santa?

To get the full effect of this week's RTW, you should probably go ahead and read Lee's super amazing poem on the YA Highway post, but the gist of the topic is: What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

Well, I could be totally lame and say that there's nothing I need from Santa -- I already have a great fiance and child and the best friends ever -- but I can certainly come up with some material things I wouldn't say no to if Santa decided to bring them. (Shoot, I don't have a chimney! hehe.)

I've sort of wanted a Kindle for a while, and lately I've really wanted one. I'm never going to stop buying physical books, ever. But I can only own so many, and a Kindle would be great for reading books I want to read but don't want to own, and also for reading friends' mss.

I would also take any and all of the millions of books on my to-read list. What is up with all the new awesome books coming out before I can get to the old awesome books?? (But don't stop coming out, new awesome books!)

A new couch, maybe, because I haven't bought one yet for my new apartment.

A device that slaps me every time I chew on my sweatshirt strings. It is so gross and yet I CANNOT STOP.

The awesome red Wii! Obviously I'm not going to buy one because that's just stupid, but I totally think that people who already have Wiis should be able to exchange theirs for the pretty red one.

A million dollars. (What? I promise, I would spend it wisely!)

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