Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RTW: Musical Inspiration

I didn't used to make playlists of any sort for my WIPs, because I usually have a hard time listening to music while writing. It distracts me. But then I started to find it fun to figure out which songs might go with which manuscripts, and now I have all sorts of playlists. But I'll just link to a couple songs for each that go the best, in my mind, with each.

So Dead: 
Life is Beautiful by Sixx: AM
I'm Alive by Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews

When You're Young by 3 Doors Down
Diamond Eyes by Shinedown

High Fantasy WIP:
Dragonfly by Shaman's Harvest
Burning Bright by Shinedown

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RTW: Best Scar Stories

As a child, I liked to play outdoors all the time, and as a result, I have a lot of scars. Most of them are pretty uninteresting. Scraped knees and elbows from falling down. A random, not-that-small scar on my leg that I do not remember getting. One on the back of my wrist from having a cyst removed, one from my c-section.
But I do have a couple good scar stories.

First, there is the one on my forehead. Sadly, it is not lightning-shaped. Nor does it connect me to an evil wizard (dammit!) It’s just a horizontal line, off to the side. I got it when I was around five. I was at my cousins’ house, and our babysitter, a really sweet older woman, was setting things out for us all to eat lunch, so the island in the middle of the kitchen had its extension out so we could all fit around it. Running back from washing my hands, I forgot about it, and because I was wearing socks, I couldn’t stop fast enough and I ran right into it (p.s. I am not this island’s only victim. But I was the only one that day.) I had to get stitches.

I also have a not particularly noticeable scar on the back of my hand, reminder of a lesson well learned when I was around eight. I was practicing with the calf I was going to be taking to the fair, and I did one of the things you are never supposed to do: wrapped the rope of her halter around my hand a few times for better grip. Something startled her, and she jumped and I fell, because the rope tightened. All I got was a scrape from a rock on the driveway, but it was still a good lesson learned.

And my favorite, even though it was caused by my own idiocy: I have a scar on my outside upper thigh that’s a good inch long and probably a centimeter wide at its widest point. I had brought out a ceramic dish filled with vegetable scraps to feed the chickens (not because I was just the most angelic and thoughtful middle schooler ever, but because my mom told me to), and when I got back to the glass door on the deck, I could see my sister on the other side, holding it closed. In a great use of my intelligence, I pushed down the handle and leaned my entire weight on the door to try and push it open. Of course, she let go, so it opened and I fell inside. The ceramic dish shattered and it cut me. We both got in trouble (after I stopped bleeding.)

So how about you? What’s your best scar story, or if you’re long-winded like me, your multiple best scar stories? Visit YA Highway to share your links!