Friday, May 13, 2011

An Abnegationy week!

This was the first week of the DIVERGENT challenge Deb set up. And I did do some Abnegation-like things!

In DIVERGENT, one of the first things you learn about the Abnegation factions is that they rarely look at themselves in mirrors. So I decided to try that. It was, honestly, not that hard because I don't wear makeup or do fancy things to my hair, so I don't have a huge need to look regularly into the mirror.

I've also been helping out this week with the Help Write Now auction. In a very non-Abnegation manner, I am bringing that up mainly so that those of you who haven't yet visited will see it!

And this week (well, Tuesday, anyway) I started myself on a diet of sorts. Not a losing weight diet, but a cut those unhealthy snacks that are going to make you have a heart attack at age 35 sort of diet. I don't intend to eat only bland things like the Abnegation do, but that sort of self-denial is definitely part of belonging to the Abnegation faction. This was something I'd been telling myself I was going to do for a few weeks now, but maybe being Abnegation this week gave me the push. RIP potato chips. I will miss you. (Except every now and then when I cave which I am sure I will.)

Mostly, I spent a lot of time this week thinking about selfishness and selflessness. And when you should and shouldn't put others before yourself. So way to go, Abnegation challenge, for making me think!


Debra Driza said...


I'm totally with you---I love how this is making me think more in general..about what it really means to be selfless and selfish, and if there's any cross-over.

Thanks so much for playing! :D

Sarah Enni said...

It was really thought-provoking, wasn't it??

And good for you on trying to eliminate unhealthy things! But yeah... sometimes you just need some ruffles, man. LOL

And YAY X 1000 for Help Write Now! It is truly amazing what all you ladies have put together. You are all rockstars.

J.S. Wood said...

I found this challenge very thought provoking and simply, self-reflective.

Potato chips - don't like them a whole lot, but can't not eat them if I see them. good luck!!

Lori Tays Eastep said...

It's amazing how little you think about certain things until you try NOT to think about them! *tries not to think about sea salt and black pepper chips*

Marilyn Almodóvar said...

OMG no potato chips??

I think this was a great idea, and one that will keep me thinking about everything I do and why I do it.

dawn said...

I think this challenge messed with my mind more than the other ones will.

But POTATO CHIPS??? They are not evil. They are little fried crisps of salty deliciousness that must be nommmmmmmeddddddd.

ashelynn hetland said...

i'm going to echo what everybody said:

NO POTATO CHIPS?! HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT THEM?! oh, i love potato chips. actually i love all things potato.

it made me think a lot too. very interesting challenge!

Kaitlin Ward said...

I won't be living without them so much as not eating them in large portions on a regular basis like I currently do lol.

Kathy Bradey said...

Good on you for losing the unhealthy snacks! :) I don't eat many potato chips, but Doritos and Cheezels are my weakness! Good luck with the challenge and I hope it extends on past the week! :)

Nikki said...

I think you did a great job - and yay on the snack foods!!

Kathleen said...

And you did far, far better than me.

Jamie B said...

Great job, Kaitlin! You kicked some abnegation butt! Or potato chip butt - same thing.

Christina Lee said...

Who knew my healty eating was part of abnegation?!? HEE!

Okay, just starting reading this one and was so honored to be part of that auction!!