Friday, June 3, 2011

Divergent challenge: Candor AND Erudite!

Obviously if there was a faction for procrastination, that'd be the one for me.

So I haven't posted for Candor week yet, and it was actually a successful week for me! Candor week was also BEA week, and as I sat for 11 hours on a bus to New York City, I thought really hard about how best to go about Candor week. Obviously it wouldn't be good if I went around spouting every thought that came into my head. So I decided to go with the spirit of Candor. I tried to be just generally honest and assertive, without going overboard. Instead of hanging back when I spotted someone I knew but hadn't met in person before, I went and introduced myself (Hi Phoebe!) When the line for an autographed copy of SHATTER ME was cut off RIGHT in front of us and we had to hightail it over to the Harper booth to get unautographed copies, and the woman wasn't sure she was going to get them out for us but another woman was getting them out and handing them to others nearby, I got a little aggressive (don't worry. No Harper people were harmed. And we got our books! Also: my aggressiveness was unnecessary.) And generally, I just tried to make sure I was assertive. And that's basically how I want to be in general. Sometimes I am better at it than other times. But it was definitely a successful faction week.

This week, Erudite. Well, I had a lot on my mind this week. I got married on Saturday. My husband (!) who is out for a few weeks at a time for his job has been home all week. Some other flustering things happened. So all in all, I didn't have time to even think about learning. So I guess Erudite was a fail.


Debra D. said...

Lol, I had huge Erudite fail due to timing issues as well!

Also, I was totally pushy (in hopefully a nice way) at the book booths at ALA. :D

J.S. Wood said...

Oh, Congrats!!!! How awesome on the nuptials :D

All of my factions have been an epic fail.

Sarah Nicolas said...

Congrats on the wedding!

I <3 Erudite!

Lora said...

Congrats on getting married! Things do get busy, and you clearly had much more important things to worry about than finding time to increase your reading.

Sounds like you had a really successful Candor week.

Sarah Enni said...

YAY Candor! You for sure rocked that. And I think you will have plenty of time to be Erudite in the face of flustering things. Knowledge & intelligence FTW.