Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RTW: Inspiring images

I like finding pictures of scenery when I'm writing. Sometimes I find them to help me describe something, when I have a picture in my head but want it to be clearer, and sometimes just because I like looking at pretty pictures of scenery. (I am also one of Those People who takes a thousand pictures of scenery while on vacation and hardly any pictures that actually have me in them.) In fact, I have a folder on my computer for each WIP, specifically for pictures, plus a folder for pictures that make me feel inspired but don't fit with any WIP--yet.

So here are some!

For my futuristic ice age WIP: 


High Fantasy WIP:

I stole this image from someone the last time we did an images RTW. It is perfect.
Source: The super old computer game Myst

I have about a million more for each, but I suspect that is plenty of images for you all to look at! What about you? Do you have images that inspire you while you're writing? Visit YA Highway to add your link and see what others said!


Kathy Bradey said...

I love the space-age houses! :)

I have stilt houses in my new WIP, but they are not connected by bridges like that. Looks awesome.

Alicia Gregoire said...

Those are some awesome pictures. (And whenever you can use Myst as a point of reference is doubly awesome.)

Sarah Enni said...

OMG the Jetsons-style space house: WANT.

Also every single treehouse---and I so called that that was an image from MYST. Love that game!!

In short, both of these collections of pictures are awesome.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

My favorites are the ice cave pictures. I've always been fascinated by caves and glaciers, which is ironic because I'm fairly claustrophobic. Couldn't even sleep in one of those cab-over beds in a camper because the ceiling felt too low!

Pam Harris said...

Everyone has such awesome pics today--yours included! :)

A.J. Mullarky said...

Those pictures are just beautiful! You really get a strong sense of the setting :)